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Call for Grant applications for Research on Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer Nederland  awards grants for scientific research on Alzheimer´s disease. Applications are accepted from scientists at Dutch institutions and universities. Researchers are encouraged to submit proposals that focus on improving our understanding of the underlying mechanisms causing dementia and/or aim at its prevention or treatment. Applicants must have expertise relevant for Alzheimer´s disease. 

Alzheimer Nederland  awards 4 types of grants: 

  • Major grant: a maximum of € 200.000 for four years, limited to € 50.000 per year. 
  • Standard grant: a maximum of € 100.000 for two years with a maximum of € 50.000 per year.
  • Pilot grant: a maximum of € 50.000 for two years with a maximum of € 25.000 per year. This award is primarily intended to support young researchers. 
  • Border-crossing grants can be submitted by researchers from France and The Netherlands,  and from Germany and The Netherlands. Applications in which an added values is demonstrated, can be sent either to Alzheimer Nederland, LECMA-France or to AFI-Germany. 

Selected grants are expected to start in November 2017. 

Letter of Intent deadline is March 6, 2017. These letters have to be submitted to; this link will be open from January 2, 2017.

For additional information and questions, please contact Research Grants Manager Maï Panchal, Ph.D, at +33-1-42 46 50 86 or